Dear Nature's Hot Tub Treatment, I have been using your products for about a year now and absolutely love it! It was everything you said it would be and more. Not having to soak in chemicals to enjoy my hot tub is not only wonderful but also a relief. Thank you!

Healdsburg, California

Thanks to Clear Choice I can finally enjoy my hot tub to the fullest! It’s so economical and easy to use – no adding chemicals or testing – just a few drops every time I get in. Best of all, there’s no smell, skin irritation or stains in the tub to deal with either, as with all the other products I’ve tried. Plus the water was crystal clear for six months before it needed changing! I honestly believe anybody who gives this stuff a try will be sold on it! I know I am.

Ron Werre
Middleton, Idaho


We have been using this product for 2 years now and it is wonderful. It keeps the tub clear and clean. I can't use
normal chemicals with my skin. Now I can enjoy the tub all the time without worry. I love the fact that is takes such a little bit of time to maintain our tub. Our first tub we had was a nightmare to keep everything in balance. It not only saves time but it is a lot cheaper to use that normal chemicals. You don't have to worry about the chemicals hurting your body. It's a winner. Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.


The reason we started using Clear Choice is because I had an allergic reaction to the bromine that we were previously using causing eczema over my entire torso. I decided rather than giving up the hot tub I would research other "non-chemical" solutions. I found your web site, read the testimonials and decided to try it. That was a year ago. We all love it. It doesn't have the chemical smell, smells more like a fresh river stream! Best of all, no more eczema!

Thank you!


Just thought I would drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoy your product. I have owned hot tubs for over 25 years and got tired of fighting the chemicals and smell. I decided to try Clear Choice. What a difference. The water stays crystal clear, doesn't have the telltale odor of the chemicals, and is so easy to use. Most important to me is the fact that your skin doesn't itch when you get out. Great product! I will recommend it to everyone I know.

Dan Lewis
Boise, ID

This is what I call a Wonderful Product

This is the most WONDERFUL thing to happen to my spa. I am very sensitive to chemicals and will not put chlorine in my spa or pool. As I was surfing around the net looking for something better to use than bromine or non-chlorine products, I found Clear Choice... And am I happy about it. I used a non-chlorine product before I found Clear Choice which never gave me the clarity and softness. I still had itch and dry skin.

I read and re-read the web site because it sounded too good to be true. I emailed questions and got straight answers to my questions (not a sales talk, as one might expect). Some answers I did not quite understand; therefore, I emailed again (and again) until I felt sure enough to order the product.

I received my first order Sept. 2002 and after looking at what I got for the money, I really felt skeptical. It all looked so simple, and I did not have to add a bunch of stuff to the spa. Now how can this be?

Well, one of the answers I got in an email was, "If I do not like the product at any time I can get my money back...No questions asked." How can you go wrong with such a guarantee?

Now we are talking simple here folks... The kit is a tiny bottle of preparation with a filter to add water through and another bottle which says to add 5 ml/wk. Can you believe it? I did not as I stood there emptying my spa of it's water.

I really cleaned that bugger when it was empty and then began to fill using their filter. Yea, sure that filter is going to add "clear" water (our water has lots of clay particles and is really brown sometimes)... To my amazement, the water going into the spa was clear! YEA... I'm impressed.

As the months have gone on... I followed the instructions to the tee. I clean my filter every week. In fact, I have two filters that I rotate, so that the filter goes into the spa one week and rests another ... Don't want it to work too hard :) I am faithful about cleaning the filter. I believe it is very important to have a clean filter. I clean the filter in a very dilute bleach and water solution (Clear Choice directions) while I'm sitting in the spa.

I then sit the alternate filter overnight in a diluted solution which takes oils out of the filter (I got this product at the spa store months ago). This is not a recommendation of Clear Choice... This is what I do. I like a clean filter. That filter goes in the following week.

The water in my spa is beautiful... It is soooo clear. There is a little musty smell in the water because I still keep my solar blanket under the cover (not recommended by Clear Choice) so that my cover does not get waterlogged. I can live with this because it dissapates as soon as I turn the jets on. Having wonderful clear water
and NO itchy or dry skin is the best.

In fact my skin feels absolutely soft and wonderful after a spa. I am in the spa everyday, more than once a day. My skin is 61 years old and my students tell me they do not believe I am that OLD! I like that.

My friend just bought a spa and has chlorine in it. I put my hand in to feel how hot it was because she said it was 103 degrees which I doubted. Mind you I only put in my hand. As I drove away from her home, I could taste chlorine in my mouth (it lasted for a few hours afterwards). I sent her Clear Choice website as soon as I got home. I care about her health and want her to use this product because she will never regret it.

I do not understand why anyone would want to use chemicals in their spa. I want to sell this to everyone; yet was told it's sold only on the web. Yea for them. I like people to be in business and make a go.

I will not go into a spa that has any chemicals in it. I will wait until I get to my own spa to enjoy life. You guys better keep making this stuff.

Thank you for inventing this wonderful product.
Barbara Reed
Nevada City CA

"It's a rare treat to find a product that exceeds all expectations. Economic and easy, no chemicals to bother the skin or offend the nose. Quick, personal response for my service questions. You guys believe in your product and it shows. The biggest benefit: I live in a dry climate and - if I ever actually have to change it - can now use the chemical-free water from my spa to water my trees! How cool is that! Thanks!"

Jeff Salz, Ph.D.
author, Discovery Network host
Idyllwild, CA

I would like to thank you for a great product.  When we got our hot tub, it came with a one-month's supply of bromine products, so we continued to use that and kept buying additional products to make the water clear.  After a few months, we thought we would not be able to use the spa any longer because of respiratory problems we were experiencing. We thought it was because it is installed indoors.  We were so disappointed, so I searched online for a different product and found your website.  We haven't had any respiratory problems since we switched.  This is my third order.  Please notify us in advance if you ever discontinue this product...we will buy a huge supply.  We will definitely recommend it to everyone who has a hot tub.

Denise H.
Rhode Island


I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate the Clear Choice treatment system you developed for hot tubs.

I am an engineer, I like to measure stuff, so I have long records of maintaining various hot tubs I have had and used since the early 1970's. This long term usage involves a number of different systems, chlorine, bromine, silver ions, diatomacious earth, etc. If the pH was OK, the Total Dissolved Solids was off. If those were OK the Total Alkalinity was off. If those were OK the water was cloudy, etc, etc. I'm sure you know the drill. What a pain
that has been.

I installed the Clear Choice system according to instructions provided along with a new filter March 3, 2004, and the results have been somewhat unbelievable to me. I have done nothing but add 3.75 ml of the Water Treatment Material each week, and the water is crystal clear, pH about 7.8 (I may have to add a touch of "Spa Down"), and Total Dissolved Solids is 330 ppm, the same as when I first filed the hot tub almost 2 months ago.

.I'm using a "Marin" model hot tub by Sundance, holding 320 gallons with a 125 sq.ft. filter running at 104-5 degrees F with electric heat and an insulated cover. It is located outside (just a windbreak on 2 sides) south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, elevation 6,300 ft. above sea level.

I originally installed this hot tub November, 1998, and two of us have used it regularly for 10 to 20 minutes each evening since then. It has never been this clear and this balanced for such a long time period with so little attention

Again, thank you for Clear Choice, I'm looking forward to continuous long time enjoyment of near maintenance-free usage of my hot tub with Clear Choice water treatment.

George Dovenmuehle

Thank you so much for the clear choice water system. The system has made such a difference in our lives. In 1980 we had severe carbon monoxide poisoning in our home. Though our health has improved we still can not tolerate any heavy chemicals such as the chlorines and bromines that are usually put into spas.

I have had three or four car wrecks so I need to get into the spa daily. Getting in was a real ordeal because I had to shower off all of the harsh chemicals and limit my use. Since using your spa treatment with the enzymes, it has been a lot nicer because we have not had touse the harsh chemicals. Our spa has been germ free, and I am able to get in as often as I want to without any chemical consequences. 

Your products are very cost effective compared to the usual chemical additives recommended by spa stores.
I have highly recommended this to many of my patients and those that have used it have reported similar results as mine. They are able to get in as often as they like without the terrible consequences from the chemicals. 

You and your staff have been most helpful in explaining any questions that we have had in guiding us through the process. I highly recommend this to those that are chemical sensitive. I also recommend it for everyone because the bromines and the chlorines penetrate the skin and are not good for the organs and the body systems to function.
L. Griffith R.N.
Holistic Nurse

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